Ashland Gun Club is a competitive shooting club located near Ashland, Kentucky in nearby Rush, Kentucky. For over 30 years, the club has shot USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, and other “fun” matches. We currently run a monthly USPSA match featuring 6 stages and IDPA alternating months.

All USPSA matches are scored using PractiScore and pre-registration is available here. (For security purposes, you must be a member of the forum in order to pre-register (forum registration info here).

New Shooters
We always welcome those new to our sport but please realize we enforce a strict set of safety rules. If you’ve never shot a USPSA or IDPA match anywhere before, we operate with what is known as a “cold range”. This means all guns are unloaded, hammer down on an empty chamber (or cylinder) and you may only handle your gun when under the direction of a range officer or while in the safe area.
Please click here for more new shooter information.

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